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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Moments Like This

Yesterday marked yet another milestone in my journey through pregnancy and I am officially in my third trimester! Really. Where did the time go? I do feel very blessed that my pregnancy has been quite easy so far. Sure, I’m experiencing some aches and pains that most pregnant women go through, but despite them, I […]

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Does This Photo Look Strange To You?

Yeah. I thought so. So last night, I decided to do some laundry and went downstairs to gather the floor and tub mats from the guest bathroom. When I peeled back the shower curtain, I was shocked at what I saw. Is that a plant growing in behind the shower fixture?!? A PLANT??? Growing in […]

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The Beauty of a Woman

As women, we all want to look beautiful. Feel beautiful. Part of the problem is that we’re so tough on ourselves. Instead of celebrating our beauty, we choose to zone in on all those things about ourselves that we wish were different…that we wish we could change…because maybe, just maybe, those changes could bring us […]

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A Day Off With My Baby

So the other night, while my husband was lazing on the couch (probably watching sports highlights on tv), he suggested that I take a day off work. What? Can I really, truly, take a day off? I have so much to do! A day off?! What a concept!! He knows me so well and could […]

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