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Monthly Archives: January 2011

The Chiang Family

You might remember a time when I photographed another Chiang Family. Yes, they’re related! The Chiang gang (as I like to call them) are a big clan that never seems to stop growing and I feel fortunate to call them friends. Here are some shots from my time with them…

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The Phenomenon of Nesting

I’ve been nesting now for a few months. Nesting is a phenomenon that many mothers-to-be experience during their pregnancy where they start to prepare for the arrival of their newborn through immersion in cleaning and organizing. It occurs in varying degrees in different women. Me? I’m a nesting nut right about now. Painting bedrooms, cleaning […]

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Be Inspired

So you’re planning your wedding. Or perhaps you’re planning a private party or hoping to decorate a room in your house. A great way to collect your ideas together to help facilitate your overall vision is through the creation of an inspiration board! Think of it like a collage of photos meant to inspire you, […]

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Sweet Surprises

Our mail used to be delivered by Lisa (who Sophie never barked at), then some curmudgeonly looking fellow (who Sophie always barked at), then Pasquale (who Sophie always *really* barked at…hackles up and all). Today, I met our new latter carrier. Her name is Lucy and she seems really nice…and Sophie seems to like her […]

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