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Moments Like This

Yesterday marked yet another milestone in my journey through pregnancy and I am officially in my third trimester! Really. Where did the time go?

I do feel very blessed that my pregnancy has been quite easy so far. Sure, I’m experiencing some aches and pains that most pregnant women go through, but despite them, I take great comfort in the fact that my body knows exactly what to do to grow this baby of mine.

So. In times of feeling soreness in my hips and pelvis. In times of mild frustration. In times of sleep deprivation. In times of feeling a bit defeated by my decreased mobility. I thank my lucky stars that I can still get to a place where my mind, body and soul are at peace and I can think of and look forward to moments like this…

  • larissa - congratulations on entering the third trimester CJ! It gets really crazy from now on! Good luck!

  • lesley - Congrats, one more milestone to go before you meet your little one! :)

  • NIcole Brown - Hi CJ,
    Congrats on crossing over to the next trimester. I can’t say it gets easier to rest but the the moments in which you bond with the baby are unbelievable. You can feel the little movements much more than before and your husband will be able to feel them much more than before when he puts his hand to your belly.
    Enjoy this time, CJ and hopefully our bellies can see each other after the crazy season is over for a cup of tea!

  • Jessica - Such a sweet moment :) This made me teary eyed – maybe I should go take a pregnancy test of my own, ha ha ha. Good luck to you CJ, all the fun is going to start soon!!!

  • jillian - ahhhhh….so cute :) Love it! I am all teary….I can’t wait for you to have these moments for yourself! I am so in love with my babe Logan, he has made me a better person and brought joy and love into my life that I did not know I was missing…
    All the best to you guys!!!

  • Tineke - There is no miracle like the relationship between mommy and baby. I’m so excited for you!

  • Ashley - congratulations!!!

  • Slavita - Wow Ceej, how time flies. You’re entering your third trimester and I’m going into my second. So exciting!! Would love to see you next time you’re in town. Hugs.

  • Savannah - That’s precious, CJ.
    You should take a hot bubble bath to
    ease your aches and pains.
    Oh and publish a preggo picture of yourself :)

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