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The Home Stretch

30.4 weeks.

It’s almost hard to believe how quickly time has flown by during my pregnancy. In a few short weeks, our lives will be blessed with our little one and Cam and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Our baby nursery (a wee little den off of our master bedroom), is ready! A comfy chair + storage ottoman, a night table + lamp, a makeup vanity-turned-change-table, and a crib. Oh, and these orchid lights I DIYd a couple of weeks ago:

No fancy frills, excessive baby paraphernalia, or other completely unnecessary items that (in my humble opinion) people often waste their money on. Growing up, I never had my own room, a ton of toys, or a closet full of designer clothes. I grew up in a very modest one bedroom apartment in Winnipeg, I much preferred books over toys (although I did love my Peaches n’ Cream Barbie…that’s vintage 80’s y’all), and we shopped for clothes at places where you could also buy things like blank cassette tapes (LOL) and cheap kitchen ware. So when I think about how I want to raise my children, I know that I want my focus to simply be on loving them and doing fun things together like going to the museum/aquarium/beach/library, baking cookies, making arts and crafts, playing in the park, and digging around in the garden.

Less stuff. More substance. Simple.

I feel like I also have to talk about the amazingness of having a midwife take care of me during my pregnancy so far. Michele Buchman (Dandelion Midwifery), has been so warm, caring, patient, and informative. The attention and care you receive with a midwife, in my opinion, far surpasses anything you would experience with a doctor. In fact, when I went to see a doctor for the first time a few weeks into my pregnancy, I waited about 25 minutes in the clinic, only to be ‘spoken to’ for 5 minutes. The doctor seemed nice enough, but she was clearly busy and barely had enough time to maintain eye contact with me and push several pieces of paper across the table…some reading material and lab requisitions. As I turned to leave with hardly a goodbye from the doctor, I knew that it wasn’t the kind of ‘care’ I wanted while I was with baby. So began my search for a midwife! Both Michele and her student midwife, Talia, are wonderful women and I feel so thankful to have their support throughout my pregnancy.

Some time later, after a few appointments with Michele and Talia, I also decided to look into having a doula join Cam and I for our birth. What’s a doula, you ask? Yeah. I totally had no idea either when I first started looking into it all. Basically, it is someone who is trained and experienced in childbirth. Someone who can provide support to both the mom and dad and help make the whole experience a more enjoyable one. Working with both a midwife and doula definitely results in less medical intervention…less drugs are administered and fewer c-sections are conducted. Child birth, after all, should be treated as the natural and organic process that it is as opposed to being treated as an ailment or medical condition. So when we met, Kathryn Eagleheart, with her friendly smile, warmth, and knowledge, Cam and I were immediately on board!

So as terrified as I’ve always been of the whole labouring process, I can honestly say that I’m not as scared anymore. In fact, I’m excited for February to get here and eager to hold my baby in my arms. I’ve always looked forward to being a mom, and while no time in the past ever felt like the right time, it definitely feels like the right time now.

I’ll update you all again soon in the coming weeks:)


  • Lauren - Oh I am SO excited to see the sweet little thang! 😀 😀 I can’t believe my friend is going to be a mommy! Reminds me of all our Skype chats…. 😉 Love you! XOXO

  • Erika Jackson - you look so gorgeous, cj. can’t wait to see pics of your sweet little baby. and i love your perspective on all the “stuff” that we can be convinced to buy for kids. we went to the toy aisle this week at target and it was a bit frightening. enjoy the next few weeks!

  • Kim Spears - *sigh* this was beautiful Ceej :)

  • s h e r r y - :):) I’m SO excited for you guys! And those orchid lights are AWESOME… I want them in MY room ;D

  • kristel wyman - cj, i’m so happy for you! also, i’d love to see pictures of your nursey, it looks like it will be adorable!

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